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For those of you who are not that familiar with

sailing, the answers to these FAQs will give you an idea of what life on a sailboat is really like.



"Hang on a sec. . . we’re going to spend a week on a boat with people we’ve never met?”

Most of the time everyone on board gets on really well and some even end up life long good friends. Why? By definition, anyone who would choose to live an experience like this, is generally an independent, flexible character, with an open mind and sociable nature which enjoys the company of others. Living in close quarters you will learn to bond and rely on your crew mates and work as a team to get things done. We have even had clients tell us they choose to meet up once or twice a year and go on sailing holidays with the crew they trained with.

Sailing Time

"So who usually attends
the Sailing Academy?
Is there an age limit?"


Our sailors are from all walks of life and from very different backgrounds. Some have literally never set foot on a sailboat before, some come with a friend or partner, some travel solo, some people have travelled / worked all over the world, some had to get their very first passport issued to join us! Everybody is welcome! Our students vary from 16-73 yrs old and our younger crew are also welcome aboard. The only prerequisite is that you can swim and can maintain a certain amount of physical strength and mobility. You need to be comfortable climbing over one boat to another to get to dock at times; in and out of inflatable dinghies; across a gangplank from boat to shore.

Smiling Student

"I am single.
Can I attend a course
on my own?"


Yes of course!! About 25% of our students come on their own. Unfortunately there is a single supplement for the under occupancy of a double cabin.  It is sometimes possible to share a cabin and so if you are prepared to share there is no extra cabin charge.


"I’m an adventurous soul & love the concept but concerned about getting seasick?"

If  you’ve  gotten seasick being out on a boat  for  an  afternoon,  this  does  not mean  that   you’ll  never  make  it  as  a sailor! It  takes most  of  us a day or two
to  adapt  to  the  different  motion. The vast  majority  of  people  are  fine after that.  
However, if  you  are  the  type  of person who gets motion sickness more often  than  not  eg  in car rides, planes, etc,   then  maybe,  this  is  the  time  to consider  if  sailing  is  actually the right activity  for  you.  Why not take our free trial and check it out!!

Beach Party

"What’s it like to live on board?"

We’re pretty casual about most things, but there are a few basic rules that keep life on board happy for everyone but mainly using your common sense is more than enough.  For instance, keeping the saloon free of personal items, no partying until early dawn etc.  You’ll will be surprised how tiring sailing can be so respecting others when others are trying to sleep, not using all the precious water to wash your laundry when we’re days away from the next water supply is important. 

Peaks Above Clouds

"What are the cabin / sleeping arrangements?"

First to book, first to choose is our policy on who gets which cabin! The configuration of each boat varies but usually consists of 4 or 5 double bedded cabins. Each yacht sleeps up to 8 or 10 persons.  During the hot summer season, lots of people like to sleep on deck too, it’s a great feeling, completely clear starry nights… no threat at all of being rained on halfway through the night! Once in a lifetime experience!


"What other facilities do you have on

Our boats come fully equipped. There is plenty of hot water in each of the showers. There are two fridges, a gas oven, a great MP3 sound system, snorkelling gear and many other water toys.  Sailing is like “camping on the water”—but in fact, it’s really quite civilised. In fact, many of our guests who are experienced sailors were surprised by our luxurious boats, compared to what they were used to!

Yoga on SUP

"What do I bring with me?"

We provide all blankets, sheets, pillows, face and shower towels. It is essential that you bring enough suitable clothing for varied weather conditions including a wind breaker or long sleeved top for night sails. For footwear – Soft soled trainers or deck shoes with warm socks are important as are a hat & gloves.  When the wind picks up, although it fills our sails we may tend to see our hats disappear overboard so make sure they can be tied on! Gloves are needed to protect your hands from the odd cut/graze or blisters that can come from rope pulling.  Beach Towel & Wash kit, Sun cream & Sunglasses are important. And don't forget your camera to capture this amazing experience.  Please pack your clothing in a soft bag, as suitcases cannot be stored on board. The only other imperative is to bring your best mood!!

Caprese Salad

"So who does the cooking and keeps the boat in order?"

There’s not usually a great deal of cooking on board, most of our dinners are ashore (see below), and salads and cold plates are usually the preferred option during the day.  Breakfast usually consists of Greek yoghurt, honey & fruits.  Lunches usually consist of the crew taking it in turn to prepare pasta, salads, arranging a cheese platter, clearing up, etc.  Occasionally, a group will get inspired to cook on board in the evening and enjoy dinner with cocktails under the sky full of stars.

Dinner Party

"Dinners ashore - do
we eat out every
night? What should
I budget for this?"

Dinner ashore at the local taverna is an essential part of the whole experience; it is the social hub of the community and a great way to live like the local islanders.  The average cost for dinner is around e20-30 per person. It usually includes appetizers, a main course and includes a couple of beers / glasses of wine or ouzo! Obviously this is just a guide and the cost is higher if you choose to order more expensive dishes and alcoholic beverages.


"What other costs should I expect?"


Very few! The only extra money you’ll need is for car and motorbike rentals, museum tickets, alcoholic drinks and cocktails in bars, dinner in restaurants.  And of course any shopping purchases you may wish to make like souvenirs!!

Greek Paradise

"Why should I choose to sail in Greece and the 
Greek Islands?"


Greece is all about the sea and the islands… Heaven on earth, full of life… There is an irresistible mystique that is hard to describe. Perhaps it is the history, the great climate or the warm hospitality of its people that portrays this image.  The 3,200 Islands of the Greek Archipelagos and the coastline that extends more than 16,000 km make Greece an ideal place for sailing. Island hopping will make you feel like you’re encountering a new experience every time.  Late July/Aug, when the “meltemi winds” are usually stronger, sailing can be more challenging, although not where we sail. We choose to sail in calm seas and always put safety ahead of anything else for all of our crew!

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