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Greek Licence Courses

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The World Riviera Yachting Academy has been operating Offshore Sailing Schools in Greece since 1992.

Our Courses can be held in either Greek or English.
We have now expanded our training activities throughout the country and in association with local Nautical Clubs in Kalamata, Paros, Santorini, Poros, Patra, Rhodos, Crete, Volos, Lefkas, Corfu,

Thesalloniki, Kavala as well as in the region of Attica. 

More than 11,000 students have passed their training successfully and received their Skipper's licence.

The majority are now skippers of sailing yachts up to 24 m. 

Every summer we meet returning students in the open sea either working as skippers or enjoying

their holidays on board a sailing yacht with their family or friends.

All Nautical Clubs hold International Standards Certifications for the courses and Sea Survival Training.


Our goal is to offer high-quality training, ensuring that your sailing trips will be safe and enjoyable.

No need to worry if you are a complete novice, we start training from scratch...

The only skill required is swimming!


Training is undertaken by highly experienced instructors. Special attention is given to the theory classes which are presented through multimedia and practical examples on the yachts. Theory is easy to comprehend and enjoyable.

All academies own several training boats for groups of between 2-10 people.

For enthusiasts, there are also Advanced and Racing classes which can be taken.

Sailing is not only the knowledge of the sea and sails, but also unforgettable moments of adventure! 

The teaching staff consists of a group of experienced captains and trainers with thousands of miles under their keel..  In all our courses safety is paramount and we pay special attention to safety equipment emergency procedures.

Half Day Free Trial

This is really as simple as it sounds!

If you like the idea of sailing but not quite sure if it’s right for you, then this

Half Day Free Trial is for you!


We are the ONLY SAILING ACADEMY IN GREECE that offers this option for free and proud of it!!

We know that any sailing course you sign up for is a big commitment of your time and money, so you need to be comfortable and absolutely sure that you want to see this course through to the end.

There are no fees!

All we need you to do is to recommend us to 3 of your buddies.

Once we receive their email saying who sent them, the Half Day Free Sail is yours! That’s it!

The Half Day Free Sailing Course mainly available in Athens.

You will get a basic insight on board a real sailing yacht.

From there it’s up to you!


Come on… you know you want to!!

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