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What do we do?

Choose a course that's right for you from the list below or contact us if you would like to adapt a course to suit your needs! Our courses are held throughout the year weather permitting and conducted in Greek or English. We now offer courses in Athens, Thessaly, Corfu, Lefkada, Poros, Paros, Mykonos, Santorini.

On our private courses - you are more than welcome to have your children on board.  The minimum age to obtain certain licences is 16 years of age and although our younger, budding crew may not be of age to qualify just yet, we do have suitable training courses for them! And at the end of their training, in recognition of their efforts they will be presented with the appropriate certificate! They will after all be future skippers in training.

Now for the technical stuff!

All our certifications are awarded either through the Greek Authorities, the RYA (Royal Yachting Association)

or the IYT (International Yacht Training) authorities.  Both the RYA and IYT are internationally recognised,

accredited global leaders and offer trusted standard of excellence in yacht training, maritime certification, safety, knowledge and sailing adventures.  The Greek Sailing Licences are awarded having studied and executed the

same syllabus (practical and theory) as either the RYA or IYT standards and are valid to sail in Greece and

select European countries only.

We maintain extremely high standards and all our instructors are trained to use the latest teaching methods and offer quality assurance. We offer an exciting way to learn how to become a competent member of the yachting world which ever course you decide to complete.

We offer a wide array of professional and recreational courses from novice to advanced.

World Riviera Yachting Sailing Academy can offer all courses however we mostly concentrate on recreational options. 

At World Riviera Yachting Sailing Academy, we offer our trainees the option to train either by attending daily full time training, weekend participation, or on Skipper Me Happy’ sailing holidays as well as the choice of academy we offer in the locations convenient to them.

For more information:

How much do the courses cost?

You'll notice there are no prices, anywhere on our site.  That's not because we're being cheeky
but it's quite simply because
there are so many factors involved in to giving you a quote! 
eg. how many people, dates, course preferred, location of course preferred, length of
course preferred!... and the list goes on. 


So when you're ready with your choice, the only thing we can promise, is that we will put
together the right package for you and will be accordingly and of course fairly priced.  

All terms and conditions with regards to course of preference will be sent out with your quote.

Half Day Free Trial

This is really as simple as it sounds!

If you like the idea of sailing but not quite sure if it’s right for you, then this

Half Day Free Trial is for you!


We are the ONLY SAILING ACADEMY IN GREECE that offers this option for free and proud of it!!

We know that any sailing course you sign up for is a big commitment of your time and money, so you need to be comfortable and absolutely sure that you want to see this course through to the end.

There are no fees!

All we need you to do is to recommend us to 3 of your buddies. Once we receive their email saying who sent them and the Half Day Free Sail is yours!  That’s it!  The Half Day Free Sailing Course is only available in Athens.  You will get a basic insight on board a real sailing yacht.  From there it’s up to you!


Come on… you know you want to!!

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